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Theseus Missing: Treasure Hunt along Athens Hills

Athens, Greece

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In the heart of Athens, King Aegeus was deeply worried about his son, Theseus. Theseus had embarked on a dangerous journey to Crete to fight the most dangerous creature in the known world, the Minotaur! With Theseus gone, people were saying a ship with black sails might be coming back, which could mean something really bad happened… Despite the rumors, Aegeus still hopes his son is okay. Now, it’s your turn to assist him in unraveling this mystery and finding his son! Your reward will be well worth the effort!

This is a hybrid game, so you’ll use the Narratologies app to discover places, read stories, and solve riddles to discover your next stop. During the experience, you will meet our coordinators who will help you with the treasure hunt, offer you delicious local goodies on a unique picnic setup and guide you through the scientific secrets of the city and its ancient districts.

The Big Winners receive special οffers from local designers and creators.

Meet the Hero


Hello, I am Aegeus, king of Athens. The ship of my son, Theseus, has returned with black sails, but I know it in my gut that he is alive. Can you help me find him?

Photos of the Hunt

Photos of the Hunt

What you'll do


🔍 The Acropolis Museum (Starting Point)
🔍 The Odeon of Herodes Atticus
🔍 The Philopappos Monument
🔍 The National Observatory of Athens
🔍 Theseion Park (Finishing Point)


🍴 Souvlaki
🍴 Bottle of Water


📷 Areopagus Viewpoint
📷 Philopappos Monument Viewpoint
📷 Pnyx Viewpoint

Where we will meet

The starting point of this Treasure Hunt is the Acropolis Museum.

Find your facilitator there. They will be wearing a light green t-shirt with Theseus or King Aegeus printed on it.


1 review for Theseus Missing: Treasure Hunt along Athens Hills

  1. Maria Papagianni

    I am a teacher and did this tour as part of a school excursion. I was very impressed! It was so well-thought out and the kids were very into the hunt format.

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