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Join a thrilling journey with the Narratologies Treasure Hunt events – unique adventures designed for corporates, schools, universities, and festivals! Discover the city in a whole new light as you follow clues, solve puzzles, learn hidden stories and do exciting challenges.

Bring your team, and let the hunt begin!


Educational Visits

Birthday Parties

Team-Building Events

Are you in search of an entertaining yet insightful activity to enjoy in the city?

We have the ideal team building activity for you and your group.

This experience is perfect for office colleagues, groups of friends and all family members

It’s an excellent choice for various occasions, such as:

  • Corporate outings
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelorette celebrations

Educational Visits

Are you preparing your next educational excursion?

Look no further! We present the perfect activity for you and your students of all ages.

Our innovative hybrid treasure hunt events seamlessly integrate the use of a mobile app together with an expert game master to enhance the learning experience.

It’s an excellent choice for:

  • Elementary School, age >8
  • Middle School/Junior High
  • High School
  • University/College

Birthday Parties

Are you looking for exciting new ideas for your next birthday party?

Discover our captivating treasure hunt activities tailored just for you.

Select from our array of original hunts or add your personal touches to craft a custom experience, designed to meet the unique requirements of your birthday. You are special, and our aim is to make you feel that way.

It’s an excellent choice for a:

  • birthday party
  • personal celebration
  • kids activity

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What our happy customers said

Thank you, all went very well and the feedback from the colleagues was great, it was a fantastic corporate event!

General Manager, Goethe Institute

Our team had a blast! The tricky clues and captivating stories about the Sounio temple made it a big success. It’s truly a fantastic idea for team bonding with your colleagues.

Executive assistant HGM, Kelloggs

Our students really loved it! They had a great time playing the game and learned a bunch of cool things about Greek history in a fun and interactive way.

Headmistress, Miami Country Day School

Choose your Hunt

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  • Find Alexander the Great: Thessaloniki Treasure Hunt & Tour

    Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Details
  • Amalia’s Enchanted Garden: The Oasis of Athens

    Athens, Greece

  • Theseus Missing: Treasure Hunt along Athens Hills

    Athens, Greece

  • Athena VS Poseidon: The Battle of the Gods

    Athens, Greece

  • Save Magas: The Modern and Ottoman side of Athens

    Athens, Greece

  • Details
  • Details
  • Details
  • Details
  • Details

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