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Amalia’s Enchanted Garden: The Oasis of Athens

Athens, Greece

(2 customer reviews)

Queen Amalia, along with her husband King Otto, rules over Greece. Upon her arrival from Germany in 1837, she established the National Garden in Athens. However, a grave issue has emerged – the plants are withering, and all living creatures are deserting the garden. Investigation revealed that the garden is situated above a buried Roman villa, protected by a magical inscription that declares: “Everything that threatens this household shall be destroyed.” She needs your assistance to break this spell and save her beloved garden from destruction. The fate of the National Garden rests in your hands!

Save the Magical Garden is the ultimate treasure hunt at the Green Lung of Athens. This is a hybrid event, so you will use Narratologies app to navigate, earn gems, read stories, fun facts, receive your riddles and clues to discover your next stop. Along your way, you will meet our Treasure Hunt facilitators, who will assist you with the game play, guide you through hidden gems of the garden and offer you tasty local Greek goodies.

The Big Winners receive special οffers from local designers and creators.

Meet the Hero

Queen Amalia

Hello, I am Queen Amalia, first queen of Greece. Will you help break a disastrous spell cast on my garden, the National Garden?

Photos of the Hunt

Photos of the Hunt

What you'll do


🔍 Syntagma Square (Starting Point)
🔍 Hellenic Parliament
🔍 National Garden
🔍 Panathenaic Stadium (Finishing Point)


🍴 Ice Cream
🍴 Bottle of Water


📷 Central Lake of the National Garden
📷 National Garden Pergola
📷 Kallimarmaron

Where we will meet

The starting point of this Treasure Hunt is Syntagma Square.

Find the hunt facilitator near the central fountain of the square. They are going to be wearing a light green t-shirt with Queen Amalia printed on it.


2 reviews for Amalia’s Enchanted Garden: The Oasis of Athens

  1. Lena G.

    This treasure hunt was so enjoyable! The National Garden would have been hard to navigate without it. It was also very educational. We learnt a part of Greek history that we didn’t know existed. Royal History! We would highly recommend it!

  2. Eleanor Clarke

    A perfect blend of a self-guided tour with a facilitator always available if needed. The riddles were a delightful touch and kept our kids entertained. We are very pleased with this experience.

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