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Deciphering Oracle’s Prophecies: From Athens to Delphi Full-Day Treasure Hunt

Delphi, Greece

Embark on our Delphi trip for a day of adventure away from Athens. Departing from our bus meeting point, we will begin our journey towards the UNESCO-listed Archaeological Site of Delphi, accompanied by expert facilitators/game masters. They will illuminate the secrets of ancient Greece together with the Narratogies treasure hunt game and tour. Experience the thrill of discovery with three key stops, firstly embark on a treasure hunt mission at the Delphi Archaeological Site, where you’ll explore ancient remnants and seek clues amidst iconic landmarks like the Temple of Apollo. Then, venture into the Delphi Museum to uncover ancient treasures such as the bronze Charioteer and the Sphinx of Naxos, piecing together the puzzle of the past. Lastly, take a pause in the picturesque village of Arachova, renowned for its crafts and culinary delights, adding to the adventure of your journey. Return to Athens with memories of an exhilarating quest through the mysteries of Delphi. You will explore the well known Delphi archaological site, visiting the Argive Kings, the treasury of the Athenians, the Athenian Stoa, the Polygonal Wall and the Temple of Apollo.

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Meet the Hero

Pythia Priestess

Greetings, intrepid travelers, I am the high Priestess of Delphi and your guide through the mysteries of ancient Greece. Together, we will decipher the messages of the gods and embark on a journey of discovery that will echo through the ages. Embrace the adventure!

Photos of the Hunt

Photos of the Hunt

What you'll do


🔍 Delphi Ticket office (starting point)
🔍 UNESCO – listed Delphi site
🔍 Temple of Apollo & the Oracle
🔍 Delphi museum
🔍 Charioteer of Delphi
🔍 Village of Arachova (ending point)


🍴Traditional Greek Souvlaki (optional)
🍴Greek Pasteli treats
🍴Bottles of Water


📷 Arachova Village Panorama view spot
📷 Delphi site as a unique backdrop
📷 Selfies with ancient sculptures

Where we will meet

Meeting point Syntagma Square, Athens 105 57, Greece



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