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thessaloniki treasure hunt

Find Alexander the Great: Thessaloniki Treasure Hunt & Tour

Thessaloniki, Greece

(3 customer reviews)

Thessaloniki, the mermaid stepsister of Alexander the Great, embarks on a quest to find her missing brother in the city named after her. Armed with a magical map, she leaves clues for brave seekers who join her treasure hunt. The seekers follow the clues leading them through historic landmarks and many local markets. The final clue directs them to the city’s waterfront, where Thessaloniki emerges from the sea, reuniting with her brother Alexander. The city celebrates the magical reunion, and the tales of this enchanting treasure hunt become part of Thessaloniki’s folklore.

Help the Mermaid Thessaloniki by joining the hunt and embark on a journey never to forget! This is a hybrid event, so you will use Narratologies app to navigate, earn gems, read stories, fun facts, receive your riddles and clues to discover your next stop. Along your way, you will meet our Treasure Hunt facilitators, who will assist you with the game play, guide you through hidden gems of the city and offer you tasty local Greek goodies.

The Big Winners receive special offers from local designers and creators.

Meet the Hero

Thessaloniki Mermaid

Hello, Sailor, oh Sailor. I am Thessaloniki, the younger sister of Alexander the Great. I accidentally threw away his "water of immortality," and now I am afraid he is gone. Have you seen him? Can you help me find him?

Photos of the Hunt

Photos of the Hunt

What you'll do


🔍 Venizelos Statue (starting point)
🔍 Historic Ladadika District
🔍 Cinema Paradiso Mural
🔍 Galerius Palace
🔍 White Tower
🔍 Alexander the Great Statue (finishing point)


🍴 Charcuterie Board
🍴 Brittles & Water
🍴 Triangle “Panorama” Pastries


📷 Perfectly renovated Modiano Market
📷 Breathtaking sea views from the port
📷 Incredible Street Art pieces

Where we will meet

The starting point of this Treasure Hunt is the Statue of E. Venizelos.

Find the hunt facilitator there. They are going to be wearing a Narratologies T-Shirt.


3 reviews for Find Alexander the Great: Thessaloniki Treasure Hunt & Tour

  1. sofia

    An unforgettable experience in Thessaloniki! Our guide Evi was enthusiastic, and the storyline of helping Alexander the Great’s sister kept us hooked. The city’s charm combined with this activity made for a perfect day.

  2. Efram WG

    Don’t miss this treasure hunt! We joined the quest to aid the mermaid in her search for Alexander the Great. The facilitator’s enthusiasm and the app’s challenges made for an unforgettable experience. Perfect for history lovers!

  3. Anne & Richard

    We got to see original streets and shops, and really enjoyed the salty and sweet treats. One of the best parts was our guide, Evi. She was cheerful and helpful. Thank you!

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