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Street Art Treasure Hunt Narratologies

Athens’ Heroes: Street Art Graffiti Treasure Hunt

Athens, Greece

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Loukanikos, the famous Sausage Dog leading revolutionary gatherings in Athens, warns of a dangerous planned explosion in the city. He needs your help decoding secret messages spread  in graffiti throughout the city to pinpoint the threat’s exact location. Join forces, decode the messages, and save our beloved city from disaster!

This is the ultimate urban and artistic treasure hunt of Athens. It is a hybrid game, so you’ll use the Narratologies app to discover places, read stories, and solve riddles to discover your next stop. Along your way, you will meet our treasure hunt facilitators, who will assist you with the game play and offer you tasty local Greek goodies.

The Big Winners receive special offers from local designers and creators.

Meet the Hero


Hello, I am Loukanikos the famous Athenian Sausage Dog. Help me find the location of a malicious explosion, by deciphering graffitis and street art pieces, and save Athens!

Photos of the Hunt

Photos of the Hunt

What you'll do


🔍 Omonoia Square (Starting Point)
🔍 Monumental Murals
🔍 Different Street Art Styles & Techniques
🔍 Psyri and Metaxourgeio neighborhoods
🔍 Gazi Main Square (Finishing Point)


🍴 Traditional Bougatsa Pastry (for morning and early noon bookings)
🍴 Hot Dog (for evening bookings)


📷 Loukanikos, the Dog Mural
📷 Open Air Gallery of Louka Nika Str.

Where we will meet

The starting point of this Treasure Hunt is Omonoia Square.

Find your facilitator near the hydrokinetic sculpture made by G. Zongolopoulos. They will be wearing a bright orange t-shirt with Loukanikos printed on it.


2 reviews for Athens’ Heroes: Street Art Graffiti Treasure Hunt

  1. Artemis B.

    We did this Treasure Hunt as a corporate event and was so much fun! The street art included was impressive and varied. During the tour there was also a street-food stop which was a nice touch. All in all a great evening, thank you!

  2. Nina Lohmann

    The art included was fantastic. We had no idea that Athens has such an incredible street art scene. As for the riddles, they were quite straightforward. We only struggled a bit with a riddle at the start, but our facilitator quickly messaged us the answer in seconds.

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