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Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum

Greek Culture

part of an installation referring to greek culture, including small prints, miniature tsolias soldiers and a fez, all on a cabinet


The Benaki Museum of Greek Culture is a place housing most aspects of Greek history and tradition. It is located in Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, close to the National Garden and the Greek Parliament. As the visitor can see, the venue is a beautiful neoclassical building, of the oldest still standing in Athens. What’s more, it was donated by Antonis Benakis and his three sisters, in order to host the large collections of the family. After its renovation (1989–2000), it houses a unique exhibition on the course of Greek culture. The time range of the items lies from prehistory to the 20th century.


The shop offers a wide range of products, all belonging to the newer generation of designers and creators. As they highlight, the Benaki Museum is a source of inspiration for them. Furthermore, it is a field where they can freely experiment with new techniques. The products are mainly modern, useful, as well as decorative objects, which highlight the wealth of design and applied arts flourishing in Greece.


General admission: € 12, Periodic exhibition: € 8.


General Admission: € 9, Periodical report: € 6, Journalists: € 1

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