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Museum shops: best places to pick a gift. Here, Benaki 138

5+1 Top museum shops in Athens

5+1 Top museum shops in Athens

Posted on October 22, 2021

What is Athens all about?? History, one would say. Also, antiquity. It is quite well-known that Athens’ past is really famous -and of course, its present is almost as much exciting as the past! And the past means museums. Oh, yes. This city has numerous museums and an equal number of museum shops that are worth plenty of your time.

Museum shops do have something special. They have their products, their character, and philosophy according to the people running them and working there. Besides, every shop -better say every space- takes the traits of its owners and workers.

But the museum shops have an extra advantage: they are telling a story. However edgy, modern, or irrelevant they may seem at first sight, soon one can tell that they are coherent with something bigger. Their collections are a consequence -or herald it depends on timing- of the museum experience. Their products do form a narrative and have clear directions. Maybe, in the end, the most important thing inside them is not something tangible; it’s the continuous narrative. So, here we present the worthiest “narrative continuities” -a.k.a. museum shops- of this city!

Museum of Cycladic Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art has a very elegant space, and the same applies to the products. The collection includes jewels, garments, decorative items, books, and prints, mostly inspired by the culture that flourished in the Cyclades in antiquity. In the Cyclades, we meet some of the very first traces of human civilization and culture in Greece and the Mediterranean. Consequently, what is left of this culture has a strange charm, to say the least. So, many of the Cycladic symbols that have come to light are used in contemporary art creation. Some of these are the dolphins of course, as well as everyday forms and figures -vessels for example, or religious items and tools. The strength of the forms, along with the delicate forms and materials is in the shop’s plus.

Neofitou Douka 4, Athina 106 74

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

The Benaki Museum of Greek Culture shop is actually not one shop, because the museum is not one, too. The Benaki collection expands in three venues with different topics and orientations. However, the oldest museum -and the oldest shop consequently- are these in Vassilissis Sofias Avenue. From the very beginning, this shop set out to produce replicas from the collection. And it is well-known for that. Out of the countless exhibits, there were unique items selected and reproduced with precision and focus on detail. Currently, its collection features high-quality replicas, as well as contemporary applications inspired by the Museum’s permanent collections.

Koumpari 1, Athina 106 74

Cultural Center of Benaki Museum – Pireos 138

The most contemporary part of the Benaki Museum, its Cultural Center, is hosted on Pireos Avenue. The place also houses the Greek Photography archive, newly- acquired pieces of art, as well as contemporary art exhibitions and performances. As a result, the museum shop is a colorful party of the most recent art production taking place here in Greece and worldwide, too. There are numerous books, prints, ceramics, toys, and stationery sets available. In addition, here trade some of the top jewelry designers belonging to the latter creators’ generation. Their pieces are all one-of-a-kind, and the whole place deserves a long visit.

Pireos 138, Athina 118 54

Acropolis Museum

Ok, the Acropolis Museum couldn’t be off the list! It is one of the first choices to bear in mind when aiming to make a gift to a loved one. Definitely with a reason. This museum shop offers an extensive range of goods: ceramics, personal products, silk scarves, tote bags, jewelry, and, of course, children’s activities. There’s something for every visitor that wants to purchase a lasting memory of their visit to the Acropolis Museum. This will be a solid reminder for the next visit since one is never enough to explore this very important museum. One of the best things to find in the shop is the postcards, both classic and fancy, in perfect prints! They are an ideal way to share a small part of the experience in Greece.

Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, Athina 117 42

Kotsanas Museum shop

About 25 years ago, the scientist and researcher Kostas Kotsanas made one of his greater visions true: he created the museum of Ancient Greek Technology. Starting from Katakolo (in the Peloponnese) and moving on to Athens, the inspirer of the museum wanted to build a space to make ancient Greek technology popular. But, more essential was to make it clear and understandable. And… mission accomplished! In the Kotsanas Museum shop you can find replicas of the Antikythera mechanism (for instance). Or, you can explore every single thing you once wondered how it works. You can also choose one of the most inspiring toys, to make an extraordinary gift! Or, you may keep it as well!

Pindarou 6, Athina, 10671


Ifenin is an alternative museum, promoting the crafts of the loom in an interactive way. Traditional textile making hides magic in every step of the procedure. From collecting the wool until passing the thread at the loom, every step reminds the beauty of creation. Because of this beauty, and with huge respect to the tradition, Ifenin inducts contemporary people to almost forgotten techniques. In this museum shop, you can find products literally handmade. From thread making to the final product, every bag, hat, smaller or bigger carpet in the museum’s shop has followed a slow path. This path deserves your attention. Eventually, you are now holding a unique piece of tradition.

Propileon 15, Athina 117 42

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