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Museum of Cycladic Art

Museum of Cycladic Art

Ancient Greek Art

ancient Greek art finding, a famous Cycladic sculpture


The Museum of Cycladic Art is in Athens city center. Hosts works of ancient Greek art, with emphasis on Cycladic culture that flourished 5,000 years ago. The periodical exhibitions focus on antiquity, but also on modern and contemporary art. However contemporary pieces, the main purpose is always to seek the connection between ancient and modern culture. The vision is to create a dialogue between diverse societies with the aim of education, research, and experience.


The Cycladic Shop has a large collection of copies from the Cycladic and ancient Greek art collection of the Museum. In addition, there are selected jewelry, useful and decorative objects, business gifts, all by modern Greek and foreign designers. For most of them, the inspiration is, of course, Cycladic Art remainings. Furthermore, you can find catalogs of the Museum’s exhibitions, books, publications, and toys for children of all ages.


Entrance: € 8

Reduced: 5 € * For combination tickets or free admission, please contact the Museum ticket office.

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