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Save Vesuvius’ Heart: Ancient Pompei Treasure Hunt & Tour

Pompeii, Italy

Embark on the “Save Vesuvius’ Heart: Treasure Hunt & Tour” in Pompeii, an immersive tour experience blending adventure with historical exploration. As part of this unique journey, you’ll delve into the mysteries of ancient Pompeii, seeking the mystical gem that can save the city from Vesuvius’ wrath. Decode riddles, uncover hidden clues, and traverse iconic sites like the ancient Forum, the grand Amphitheatre, and the enigmatic Temple of Apollo.

This experience is not just a tour; it’s a thrilling adventure through time, offering a blend of education, excitement, and the chance to walk in the footsteps of history. Perfect for families, history enthusiasts, and adventurers alike, “Heart of Vesuvius” promises a memorable journey through one of Italy’s most treasured archaeological wonders. All explorers collect gems and can redeem them in our network of local souvenir shops and museums.

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Meet the Hero

Meet your local storyteller


I am the most dangerous volcano, already bubbling up, threatening to bury the ancient city once again in a torrent of lava and ashes


🔍 Pompeii Archaeological Site Entrance (starting point)
🔍 House of the Vettii
🔍 Forum of Pompeii
🔍 Sanctuary of Apollo
🔍 Basilica Pompeiana
🔍 Temple of Asclepius (ending point)


📷 The exquisite frescoes of the Villa Dei Misteri
📷 Gladiator Selfie in the Barracks
📷 Cute Little Faun Statue

The more you explore...

the more you win!

1. Start exploring

2. Solve the riddles

3. Get your gems!



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