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Knossos Palace Self-Guided Treasure Hunt & Tour

Herakleion, Greece


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Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a great time travel to Minoan Crete! The beauty of the Minoan civilization is reflected in the best way in Knossos Palace, which even today creates feelings of awe and nostalgia. Meet the Minoans through their wonderful art and mentally discover the labyrinth of the mythical king Minos, while exploring the restructured corridors, frescoes and spectacular royal rooms of the Minoan Palace. Knossos is there to remind us of the greatness of human civilizations while using all of our senses.

And don’t forget, this is not just an ordinary self-guided tour. This is a gamified exploration experience, where riddles and quizzes for each new place you visit, engage you more with your surroundings and make you discover even more exciting new things in each stop. The best explorer gets the biggest collection of gems and wins special rewards in our network of local souvenir shops and museums.  Check out our handpicked collection of shops, they are really something!

Meet the Hero

Meet your local storyteller

Thisseas. Thissio is named after this hero


Howdy, I am Theseus, King of Athens and with the help of Minos's daughter, Ariadne, I managed to kill Minotaur and escape to Athens. Let me show you around Mino’s glorious Palace. It’s a true labyrinth!


🔍 Knossos Ticket Office (Starting Point)
🔍 "Rhytoforos" mural
🔍 Throne Hall
🔍 Prince with Lillies mural
🔍 Horns of Consecration (Finishing Point)


📷 Colourful, perfectly preserved ancient murals
📷 The peackocks of Knossos
📷 Your favourite exhibit

The more you explore...

the more you win!

1. Start exploring

2. Solve the riddles

3. Get your gems!


1 review for Knossos Palace Self-Guided Treasure Hunt & Tour

  1. Nico H.

    I did this tour as part of an exchange student trip and I really loved it. We actually divided ourselves into groups and found the correct answers to the riddles collectively. I would absolutely do it again.

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