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Acropolis Hill Self-Guided Game & Tour

Athens, Greece

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It’s about time to discover the secrets of Acropolis Hill and explore the fascinating world of Ancient Greece. We will guide you around the UNESCO-listed archaeological site and show you around all the breathtaking creations of the Golden Age of Greek Antiquity. Together we will also dive into all sorts of historic traces from different historic areas so as to understand what we see today, standing in this sacred rock. You will also enjoy the panoramic view of entire Athens City, an urban never-ending sea that lies beneath us!

And don’t forget, this is not just an ordinary Acropolis self-guided tour. This is a gamified exploration experience, where riddles and quizzes for each new place you visit, engage you more with your surroundings and make you discover even more exciting new things in each stop. The best explorer gets the biggest collection of gems and wins special rewards in our network of local souvenir shops and museums.  Check our handpicked collection of shops out, they are really something!

Meet the Hero

Meet your local storyteller

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

Welcome to Acropolis Hill. I’m the Goddess of Wisdom and protector of this City, Athena! Let our story begin!


🔍 Acropolis Ticket Office (Starting Point)
🔍 Odeon of Herodes Atticus
🔍 Parthenon
🔍 Caryatids
🔍 Beulé Gate (Finishing Point)


📷 Sweeping views to Athens
📷 Parthenon close-ups from various angles
📷 Selfies with an ancient beauty, the Caryatid

The more you explore...

the more you win!

1. Start exploring

2. Solve the riddles

3. Get your gems!


1 review for Acropolis Hill Self-Guided Game & Tour

  1. Paula B.

    We visited the Acropolis rock on Saturday morning, it was really hot and the crowds were all over the place! With the app we felt really independent, we could walk around on our own pace, away from the crowds and our daughter actually role-played Goddess Athena and became the hostess of the tour. The idea of educational quizzes with multiple choice questions really hooked us and triggered our curiosity. We found out a lot of info about the monuments and also really enjoyed ourselves. I would definitely recommend it as a tour app!

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