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Escape the Eternal Siren Song: Naples Treasure Hunt & Tour

Naples, Italy

In the mystical adventure, players are swept into the heart of Napoli, tasked with uncovering the legendary lyre of Parthenope, the siren said to have given the name to the city after Ulysses rejected her despite her siren songs. Players will embark on a journey through the city’s rich tapestry of history, culture, tastes and flavors. Their quest leads them across vibrant piazzas, down alleys adorned with street art, and into historic locations like Teatro di San Carlo and Castel dell’Ovo. At each landmark, players must solve riddles and complete challenges that echo Napoli’s heritage, weaving together elements of opera, art, and historical lore. All explorers collect gems and can redeem them in our network of local souvenir shops and museums.

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Meet the Hero

Meet your local storyteller


Hello, Traveler. I am Parthenope, the captivating siren.


🔍 Via dei Tribunali (starting point)
🔍 Busti di Pulcinella
🔍 Piazza Dante
🔍 Spanish Quarter
🔍 Monastery of Santa Chiara
🔍 Castel dell'Ovo (finishing point)


📷 Colourful murals of the Spanish Quarter.
📷 Renaissance harmony of Piazza del Plebiscito.
📷 Medieval splendor and sea views from Castel dell'Ovo.

The more you explore...

the more you win!

1. Start exploring

2. Solve the riddles

3. Get your gems!



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