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Catch Jack the Ripper: London Treasure Hunt & Tour

London, UK

Embark on a thrilling journey back to Victorian London, where the shadow of Jack the Ripper looms large over the foggy streets. In this immersive treasure hunt, you’re not just a participant; you’re the lead detective on a mission to catch the infamous Ripper. With Narra gems in your pocket, you’ll navigate the winding alleys and dimly lit taverns of the city, trading these precious stones for vital clues, insider information, and special rewards from local shops steeped in history. Your detective skills will be put to the test as you piece together evidence, decipher cryptic messages, and follow the trail left by the Ripper.

This is a hybrid game, so you’ll use the Narratologies app to discover places, read stories, and solve riddles to discover your next stop. Along your way, you will meet our treasure hunt facilitators, who will assist you with the game play and offer you tasty local goodies.

This exciting hunt is co-created with Imagine Experiences, UK’s leading leisure experience operator.

Meet the Hero


Greetings, fellow detective! Are you prepared to spearhead the investigation that will ultimately result in capturing Jack the Ripper? Join me; let's embark on this pursuit together!

Photos of the Hunt

Photos of the Hunt

What you'll do


🔍 Tower Hill bus stop (starting point)
🔍 Whitechapel
🔍 London Wall
🔍 Tower of London
🔍 Aldgate water pump (ending point)


🍴 Local Bagel
🍴 The Best UK Gin


📷 Shadowy alleys
📷 Imposing Tower of London
📷 Incredible Thames views

Where we will meet

The starting point of this Hunt is Tower Hill Bus Stop.

Find your facilitator near the stop.



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