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Athena-vs-Poseidon Narratologies Treasure Hunt

Athena VS Poseidon: The Battle of the Gods

Athens, Greece

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We will time travel back to the ancient times of Greece, when Gods and Titans ruled over the world. A big battle is about to start between two mighty Olympian Gods, Poseidon, God of the Sea and Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Each God has to offer the city a unique gift to its the citizens. They will choose which god makes the best offer and they will name after him/her their city!

Join us in the ultimate Mythology Treasure Hunt in the heart of ancient, modern and contemporary Athens! You will use Narratologies app to navigate, read stories, receive your riddles & clues to discover your next stop and earn gems. This is a hybrid event so along your way you will meet our Treasure Hunt facilitators, who will assist you with the game play, guide you through hidden city corners and offer you traditional Greek goodies like spinach pie or cheese pie at the most picturesque corner cafe of Plaka.

The Big Winners receive special οffers from local designers and creators.

Meet the Hero

Goddess Athena

Hello my friend, I am Goddess Athena. Will you help me find the perfect gift for the city and win an epic battle against Poseidon?

Photos of the Hunt

Photos of the Hunt

What you'll do


🔍 Hadrian’s Arch (starting point)
🔍 Picturesque neighborhoods of Athens
🔍 Traditional and modern architecture
🔍 Greek and Roman antiquities
🔍 The Acropolis Museum (finishing point)


🍴 Greek traditional honey-yoghurt
🍴 Spinach Pie
🍴 Feta Cheese Pie


📷 Anafiotika
📷 Ragkava Olive Grove
📷 Areopagus Hill

Where we will meet

The starting point of this Hunt is Hadrian's Arch.

Find your facilitator near the Αrch. They will be wearing a blue t-shirt with the Goddess Athena or God Poseidon printed on it, making them easy to spot.


2 reviews for Athena VS Poseidon: The Battle of the Gods

  1. Nico Sloma

    A unique exploration experience of Athens city, definitely not to be missed. Solve riddles, do quizzes, compete against friends or family members and learn through an interactive way everything you need to know about the Ancient & Contemporary city of Athens. Truly unforgettable & unique!

  2. Licel

    Absolutely fantastic! My sister, son (10) and I had fun solving the riddles, learning history, getting lost at times, and saw many sides of Athens that I think we would not have seen otherwise. It started raining during this tour, but our coordinator Maria encouraged and guided us through it all. She was wonderful!

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