Save Magas Treasure Hunt | 13/5 – 11:00

Athens City Festival | Treasure Hunt at the Urban Side of Athens

Save Magas is the ultimate Hybrid Greek Food Treasure Hunt in the Heart of Oriental and Ancient Athens! This is a hybrid food event, so you will use Narratologies app to navigate, earn gems, read stories, fun facts, receive your riddles and clues to discover your next stop. Along your way you will meet our Treasure Hunt facilitators, who will assist you with the game play and guide you through hidden city gems.

All participants receive special Gifts & Offers from local designers and creators.

The story

The Story

It's time to introduce you to Floga, a young Oriental Princess that needs to find her imprisoned lover Magas and set him free. Magas is a traditional musician of Greek rebetiko with an appetite for trouble and Floga is a flamboyant belly dancer, so it was love at first sight. Her father is the Sultan and when he found out about their secret love, he took Magas away from his daughter and promised that he will never see the light of day again. Your mission is to help Floga find her lover and go away together!

Flame, your guide for Monastiraki neighborhood


Flame, your guide for Monastiraki neighborhood


How to explore

How to explore

  1. Discover fun facts for each place
  2. Solve the riddles
  3. Win your gems!

Many hidden gems to discover!

Where we will meet

The Starting Point of the experience is in the center of Omonia Square, one of the oldest squares in the city of Athens and an important commercial center. Our exact Meeting Point is right next to the Hydrokinetic Sculpture of G.Zongolopoulos “Five Circles”. Meet Floga waiting for you there!


BY ATHENS METRO: 1 (Green Line), 2 (Red Line), Station “Omonia” BY BUS: 049, 815, Α13, Α3, Α8, Β9 BY TRAIN: Π2, Π3Β BY TROLLEYBUS: 12

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