Find Minotaur | The Crete Trip

ESN Crete Trip | The ultimate Treasure Hunt

Join us on a unique Treasure Hunt in glorious Crete and discover the island’s multicultural character. You will wonder around Knossos, discovering its hidden gems together with its most important landmarks.

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The story

The Story

It's time to introduce you to Theseus, the fearless hero and founder of Athens City that embarks on a journey to find Minotaur, the most terrifying creature of Greek mythology! Minotaur is half man and half bull. But he is not only that. He is the son of Pasiphae, the wife of the famous King Minos who lives in Knossos. It is said that Pasiphae slept with a bull sent by the god Zeus. Minos was embarrassed by this event but didn’t want to kill Minotaur, so he imprisoned him in the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth was such a complicated construction that no one could ever find the way out alive. Your mission is to help Theseus find Minotaur and set him free!

Thisseas. Thissio is named after this hero


Flame, your guide for Monastiraki neighborhood


How to explore

How to explore

  1. Discover fun facts for each place
  2. Solve the riddles
  3. Win your gems!

Many hidden gems to discover!

Where we will meet

The first chapter starts at Knossos, the famous Minoan Palace.

The second chapter starts at Matala Beach, in the southern part of Crete.

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