Find Goddess Selina’s Magic Chariot

every Wednesday & Saturday Athens, Greece

Are you a curious city explorer? Join us for the Selina Treasure Hunt in the most alternative neighborhoods of central Athens. Meet us in the lobby where we will introduce you to your quest, inspired by the celestial deities Selina and Helios. Their attributes and various myths have triggered people’s imagination for centuries. You and your team will embark on an adventurous exploration through the most incredible ancient and contemporary landmarks that this city has to offer. Through spatial riddles and fascinating stories, you will discover iconic graffiti murals and ancient monuments, spice markets, and second-hand bazaars. You will also get to enjoy the sunset in the hills of Athens with the Parthenon as its backdrop.

Worry not! We will be there watching over you, assisting you with the hunt, and offering you small treats to keep you energized during the exploration. At the end, we will all gather together to announce the winning team. After the Treasure Hunt, you can redeem the gems you collected through the app to get discounts at our network of museum gift shops, souvenir shops, and Selina’s facilities.

23,00 30,00 

per ticket

Available Language: English

The story

The Story

Hello Traveler, my name is Goddess Selina. We find ourselves in Ancient Times when Gods and Titans ruled over the world and natural phenomena were attributed to powerful deities. The night and day are the responsibility of me and my brother Helios. We drive our magic chariots through the skies bringing upon the change of the days. Helios, however, decided to play a prank on me and hid my silver chariot along with my horses at a secret location in Athens. Without it, I won’t be able to start my flight into the sky, a lunar eclipse will occur and the earth will fall into absolute darkness. You need to help me find my chariot in order to take off in time and make the night a beautiful moonlit one dotted with stars.

How to explore

How to explore

  1. Discover fun facts for each place
  2. Solve the riddles
  3. Win your gems!

Many hidden gems to discover!

Where we will meet

Selina Theatrou Athens
Theatrou 8, Athina 105 52

Go to the lobby of Selina, meet our facilitator and let the exploration begin.