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Echoes of the Vikings: Copenhagen’s Treasure Hunt & Tour

Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome, intrepid treasure hunter! Our journey is not just any hunt—it’s a dive into the heart of Copenhagen’s creation, woven with the threads of Viking lore and the mystique of ancient runes. According to legend, Harald Bluetooth, a real Viking king known for uniting Denmark and Norway, left behind a powerful rune. This wasn’t just any rune; it was a symbol of protection and prosperity for the city he helped flourish. This rune, lost through the annals of time, is said to be hidden somewhere within Copenhagen’s historic center, waiting to be discovered by a worthy soul. Are you ready to follow the whispers of history and uncover a secret as old as the city itself? Lace up your boots, for this tale is yours to complete.

And don’t forget, this is a self-guided, interactive exploration, where riddles and quizzes for each new place you visit, engage you more with your surroundings and make you discover even more exciting new things in each stop. All explorers collect gems and can redeem them in our network of local souvenir shops and museums.

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Meet the Hero

Meet your local storyteller

Harald Bluetooth

Hello, I am King Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson!


🔍 Assistens Kirkegård (starting point)
🔍 Rosenborg Castle
🔍 DAC - Danish Architecture Centre
🔍 Copenhagen Opera
🔍 Nyhavn (ending point)


📷Cutting edge Contemporary Architecture
📷Colourful houses in Nyhavn
📷Regal splendor of the Castle

The more you explore...

the more you win!

1. Start exploring

2. Solve the riddles

3. Get your gems!



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