Amalia’s Enchanted Garden Treasure Hunt | 14/5 – 11:00

Athens City Festival | Exploration game in the National Garden of Athens

Together with Queen Amalia you will walk around the National Garden and Zappeion Megaron Park, two of the most “green” and cool places in the city. You will discover how they were created, their history and explore all the little surprises one can find wandering inside them. You will explore great public sculptures, natural beauties like lakes, exotic phoenix trees and the most Instrammable flower spots.

This is a Hybrid event, so you will use Narratologies app to navigate, earn gems, read stories, fun facts, receive your riddles and clues to discover your next stop. Along your way you will meet our Treasure Hunt facilitators, who will assist you with the game play and guide you through hidden city gems. Explore a true oasis right in the middle of the Athens City!

All participants receive special Offers from local designers and creators.

The story

The Story

Hello, I am Queen Amalia and together with King Otto I reign the country of Greece. When I arrived in Athens from Germany I created the National Garden, but soon I realized that something had gone terribly wrong with it. The plants started withering and every living creature was abandoning the garden. What was wrong? It didn't take us long to discover the truth. The garden was created above a burried roman villa which had a magic protective inscription above its entrance. It read "Everything that threatens this household shall be destroyed". You need to help me! We have to find a way to break the spell, or else my beloved garden will soon be destroyed.

Queen Amalia

How to explore

How to explore

  1. Discover fun facts for each place
  2. Solve the riddles
  3. Win your gems!

Many hidden gems to discover!

Where we will meet

The starting point of this Treasure Hunt is Syntagma Square, the most central place of Athens. Queen Amalia will be waiting for you there, to introduce you to your mission.


BY ATHENS METRO: 2 (RED LINE), 3 (BLUE LINE), BY TROLLEYBUS: 1,2,4,5,11,12,15, BY BUS: 230, 856, A2, BY TRAM: T6

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