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Research & Development Update Q1 2024

Research & Development Update Q1 2024

Posted on April 23, 2024

We are thrilled to present a detailed overview of our enriching journey and the significant outcomes stemming from our active involvement in the Creathriv-EU project. This key initiative is part of the European Union’s Single Market Programme, and we are proud to have been co-funded by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) and supported by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

Our participation in this project allowed us to engage deeply with cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices within the cultural and tourism sectors across Europe.


AR Pilot Implementation in Kythnos Island: A Foundation for Innovation 

Our journey began with the ambitious pilot implementation phase, which was pivotal in integrating advanced technologies into our platform. This phase involved the development of a sophisticated AR/VR toolkit for the creation of an interactive gamified tour  in collaboration with Kythniale, a cultural initiative from Kythnos Island. Our goal was to transform how users interact with cultural narratives using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.



This program seeks to digitally map the cultural heritage of Kythnos, developing cultural routes that not only highlight the island’s richness but also actively involve the local community in cultural heritage through engaging, game-like events and activities using Narratologies’ platform. This initiative will further digitize cultural content and enhance cultural tourism, culminating in not just the documentation of monuments but the creation of interactive, gamified events that foster greater community and visitor engagement.



Content and Structure of the Game

The game developed in partnership with Kythniale is an innovative blend of cultural exploration and interactive storytelling. It is structured around several key elements:

  • Enhanced Game Content and Experience:

The game, developed in collaboration with Kythniale, features meticulously designed routes through the settlements of Chora and Loutra, offering players a narrative-rich exploration of Kythnos’ landmarks. Each route is carefully embedded with stories and puzzles that delve deep into the cultural history and myths associated with these picturesque locations. As players navigate through these charming settlements, local experts from the Island of Kythnos enrich the experience by sharing oral stories about the island’s landmarks, local products, and customs.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Integration and Interaction:

Utilizing AR/VR technology, the game brings historical sites and artifacts to life, allowing players to interact with the environment in a revolutionary way. This integration provides a layer of immersion as a virtual portal is created with digital folkore items and stories. Players use the Narratologies mobile app to navigate the game, with real-time digital interactions that make cultural education both fun and informative.

  • Community-Centric Events:

The game includes coordinated community events that turn cultural exploration into a dynamic and collective experience. These events are designed to involve residents of all ages from Kythnos, as well as travelers, creating a vibrant atmosphere of learning and engagement.

  • Cultural and Historical Education:

The game not only entertains but also educates players about the rich cultural tapestry of Kythnos. Through engaging storytelling and interactive challenges, players gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the island’s heritage. This initial stage set the stage for the subsequent activities and ensured that our project aligned perfectly with the strategic objectives outlined by the Creathriv-EU consortium.


EU Travels | Expanding Horizons

The essence of our project was captured through our extensive travels within the EU, focusing on two pivotal destinations—Berlin, Germany, and Rome, Italy. These journeys were integral not only in promoting our innovative platform and developing new engaging tours but also in immersing ourselves in the local cultures and forging vital partnerships that would help propel our initiatives forward.



Destination: Berlin, Germany

In the vibrant city of Berlin, we participated in the prestigious Arival 360 Travel exhibition and the ITB Berlin expo. These events are cornerstones of the travel and tourism industry, offering a platform for professionals to showcase cutting-edge products and services. At these gatherings, we introduced our unique cultural heritage games, designed to highlight the rich tapestry of European history and traditions.



We’ve been thrilled to develop new game concepts and interactive tours that spotlight Berlin’s historical West End, blending cutting-edge augmented reality with engaging narratives. These innovative offerings not only allow visitors to decode Cold War secrets and explore haunted legends but also focus deeply on the stories behind the art on the Berlin Wall, providing a richly immersive experience that delves into the city’s vibrant cultural tapestry.



Destination: Rome, Italy

Our venture to Rome was driven by a clear objective: to develop new city games that would enable tourists and locals alike to discover the city through interactive and immersive experiences. Central to our efforts was our collaboration with local cultural institutions and key stakeholders, such as the President of ESN Rome Italy.

By working closely with local experts and cultural leaders, we gained invaluable insights into the community’s needs and interests, which in turn guided the development of our city games. These games are not just fun and educational activities but are crafted to reflect the cultural depth and historical significance of Rome, providing a narrative that is both engaging and enlightening for users.


Outcomes and Impact

The outcomes of these travels and the overall project were profoundly positive. We achieved significant visibility within the travel and cultural sectors in Europe, established new partnerships, and expanded our cultural narrative through innovative game designs. These efforts were aligned with our mission to enrich the cultural tourism landscape while promoting European heritage.

As we reflect on these experiences, we remain grateful for the support from the European Union’s Single Market Programme, which was instrumental in our success. The funding and support provided by EISMEA and ECCP allowed us to pursue our ambitions without reservation, and for that, we are immensely thankful.

Moreover, our partnership with Corallia was invaluable throughout this project. Their expertise in cluster development and innovation ecosystems provided us with the guidance needed to navigate the complex landscape of international cultural projects.

Looking Ahead

As Narratologies continues to grow and evolve, the experiences and achievements from the Creathriv-EU project will undoubtedly serve as a cornerstone of our future initiatives. We are excited about the upcoming opportunities and are committed to continuing our work in innovating the way cultural stories are told and experienced across Europe and beyond.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on our projects and explorations into the rich tapestry of European culture and heritage!

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