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Discovering Mykonos: The 10 Things You Must Experience

Discovering Mykonos: The 10 Things You Must Experience

Posted on December 1, 2023

Welcome to Mykonos and discover the must-experience things! Nestled in the heart of the sparkling Aegean Sea, Mykonos is a Greek island that needs no introduction. Famous for its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and charming architecture, this idyllic destination offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Whether you’re a beach bum, history enthusiast, or a party animal, Mykonos has something to offer for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll explore the 10 best things to do in Mykonos to make the most of your island getaway.


1. Explore Mykonos Town (Chora)

Begin your Mykonos adventure by wandering through the narrow streets of Mykonos Town. Admire the iconic white-washed buildings adorned with colorful shutters, bougainvillea, and charming balconies. Don’t miss the chance to explore Little Venice, a district where buildings literally hang over the water, offering breathtaking sunset views.


2. Visit the Windmills

A trip to Mykonos wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the iconic windmills. Located on a hill overlooking Mykonos Town, these well-preserved windmills date back to the 16th century. The view from this vantage point is simply spectacular, especially during the golden hour.


3. Party on Paradise Beach

Mykonos is known for its parties, so you have to get a tase of this! Known for its lively atmosphere and golden sands, Paradise Beach is a must-visit for those seeking sun, sea, and socializing. With beach bars playing vibrant tunes and crystal-clear waters inviting you for a swim, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the Mediterranean sun.


4. Delos Day Trip

Take a boat trip to the nearby island of Delos, an archaeological site of immense historical significance. Delos was once a major religious and commercial center in the ancient Greek world. Explore the ruins of temples, theaters, and houses that date back to the 3rd millennium BCE.


5. Discover the Tranquility of Agios Sostis Beach

Escape the crowds and discover the serene beauty of Agios Sostis Beach. Known for its unspoiled natural surroundings and crystal-clear waters, this beach provides a peaceful retreat for those seeking a more relaxed and intimate seaside experience.


6. Discover Photospots with Cycladic Architecture:

Embark on a picturesque journey through Mykonos, seeking out charming photospots that showcase the island’s Cycladic architecture. Explore the labyrinthine alleyways adorned with white-washed houses, blue-domed chapels, and vibrant bougainvillea. Capture the essence of Mykonos in every snapshot as you wander through these timeless scenes.


7. Panagia Paraportiani

Marvel at the architectural beauty of Panagia Paraportiani, a complex of five interconnected churches located in Mykonos Town. This iconic landmark, with its unique design and historical significance, is a must-visit for culture and history enthusiasts.


8. Enjoy Water Sports at Kalafatis Beach

For the adventure seekers, Kalafatis Beach is the ideal destination. Offering a range of water sports, including windsurfing and jet-skiing, this beach provides an adrenaline-pumping alternative to the laid-back vibes of other coastal areas.


9. Dine in Little Venice

As the sun sets, head to Little Venice to enjoy a romantic dinner with a seaside view. The waterfront restaurants in this district offer a delightful culinary experience, combining traditional Greek dishes with a touch of international flair.


10. Sunset at Armenistis Lighthouse

Wrap up your Mykonos adventure by witnessing a breathtaking sunset at Armenistis Lighthouse. Perched on the northern tip of the island, this vantage point offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands, creating a picture-perfect end to your unforgettable journey.


Mykonos, with its enchanting blend of history, culture, and vibrant energy, is a destination that captivates the hearts of all who visit. From the charming streets of Mykonos Town to the pulsating beats of its nightlife, this Greek paradise promises an experience like no other. So, pack your bags, soak up the sun, and let Mykonos weave its magic on you.


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