Monastiraki Scavenger Hunt

Traces of the Orient meet the Antiquity in Athens
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Exploration Themes: Archaeology - Traces of memory - Bazaar

Come and discover where the heart of contemporary Athens, the capital city, beats. Monastiraki neighbourhood is the ultimate meeting point, where shreds of antiquity coexist with Oriental influences. Wander around the famous street markets, discovering hidden second-hand treasures, antiques, as well as handmade local artefacts. Moreover, let the sound of music take you on a journey to the place’s folk history and navigate the Roman past. Discover the mosques found in between antiquities, here they stand, in Monastiraki square! You can also enjoy experiences pleasing to all senses in the exquisite public bathhouses of Athens.

And don’t forget, this is a self-guided Scavenger Hunt, where riddles and quizzes for each new place you visit, engage you more with your surroundings and make you discover even more exciting new things in each stop. The best explorer gets the biggest collection of gems and wins special rewards in our network of local souvenir shops and museums.  Check out our handpicked collection of shops, they are really something!


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Languages: English, Greek