Western Hills

Observatories of the city and celestial bodies

Natural Landscape - Architecture - Archaeology - Astronomy

Come enjoy the landscape of the Western Hills of Athens! Discover the role Western Hills had in the daily life of ancient Greeks and in observing celestial bodies. You will walk around the places where the assembly of citizens would hold its meetings in Ancient Athens, find the traces of significant districts along with the burial monuments of historical figures, and discover significant milestones in astronomy. All of these findings are part of a historical landscaping frame. This guides you through the long history of this place and seamlessly blends with the natural landscape of the Hills. This mixture holds unique surprising photo opportunities with a panoramic view of the city.


  • The assembly of Ancient Athenians in Pnyx
  • The one-of-a-kind landscape architecture of Dimitris Pikionis
  • The panoramic view of the city and the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis
  • The astrological signs and observation devices
  • The ancient demes of Koile & Melite
  • Burials of prominent figures in antiquity

Good to Know

  • The tour is recommended for morning, as well as evening hours
  • The area has some uphill routes and stairways
  • Visits to the National Observatory take place by appointment
  • Take a cap, sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, and water with you
  • Have your mobile phone charged

Meet your local storyteller

The spirit of Democracy, born in the Western Hills

Spirit of Democracy

Hi, I’m the Spirit of Democracy! You are in the area where I first appeared in the 5th century B.C., in the city of ancient Athens.

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