Traces of the Orient meet the Antiquity

Archaeology - Traces of memory - Bazaar

Come and discover where the heart of contemporary Athens, the capital city, beats. Monastiraki neighbourhood is the ultimate meeting point, where shreds of antiquity coexist with Oriental influences. Wander around the famous street markets, discovering hidden second-hand treasures, antiques, as well as handmade local artefacts. Moreover, let the sound of music take you on a journey to the place’s folk history and navigate the Roman past. Discover the mosques found in between antiquities, here they stand, in Monastiraki square! You can also enjoy experiences pleasing to all senses in the exquisite public bathhouses of Athens.


  • The walk around the Roman Agora
  • The tour around the Bath House of the Winds
  • The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments
  • The handmade leather sandals at the bazaar at Ifaistou Street
  • Avissinias Square with antiques and second-hand items
  • The souvlaki at “Bairaktaris” tavern
  • The most alternative Athenian rooftop at Normanou Street

Good to Know

  • The tour is recommended for morning, as well as evening hours
  • The morning tour includes visitable Museums and Archaeological Sites
  • The morning tour is ideal for the Bazaar and nearby street markets
  • Take a cap, sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, and water with you
  • Have your mobile phone charged
  • In the evening, Apostolou Pavlou is full of local craftsmen selling their works

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